Welcome to Ecological Energy - a new kind of energy company who take a connected approach to your energy generation, storage, security, monitoring, control and trading. By joining up all these aspects of your energy system Ecological can deliver greater benefit than simply looking at one aspect in isolation. Our new web site is under construction but below is an overview of our capabilities and services

Generating Electricity

Ecological have over a decade of experience in site assessment,  financing, permissions, construction, commissioning and full project management of on-shore wind energy and commercial scale Solar Photovoltaic systems

Storing Energy

Storing power using a number of technologies  is now a cost effective reality. It can deliver greater energy security whilst enabling you to maximise the profit potential of your generated power and power purchase agreements

Monitoring & Controlling

How you use energy can be monitored and often controlled to minimise cost whilst maximising the benefit of any generated or stored power, whatever the size of your organisation.

Planning & Permissions

The processes for attaining permissions and securing grant incomes can be problematic. With over a decade of experience Ecological  can provide a realistic view of what will be required, and the probability of a successful outcome

Grid connection & Export

Ecological work directly with the National Grid district network operators to enable and where necessary control the import and export of power - meaning larger schemes can be considered than may usually be allowable

Buying & Selling Power

With dynamic power purchase agreements and other recent developments how you buy and sell your energy can make a big difference both to your carbon credentials and your bottom line

Financing & Investment

Ecological have a wealth of experience in attaining project finance. From land rentals through asset finance to grant funded systems we have a wide range of established connections that can enable the right financial package for a project

Research & Development

Renewable energy and related industries such as energy storage are developing quickly.  Knowing what lies ahead can have a big impact on decisions made now. Ecological are at the forefront of renewable energy research and development

Putting it all together

By joining up all these aspects of your energy system Ecologocal can advise on how best to control,  manage, generate, store and trade your energy. This enables combined marginal gains that can have a big impact on your business
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